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Ayodhya, also known as Ayodhya Dham, is a significant pilgrimage site in India, revered by Hindus as the birthplace of Lord Rama. It holds immense religious and cultural importance. Here are some key places to visit during a tour of Ayodhya

Ram Janmabhoomi Temple/ Hanuman Garhi/ Kanak Bhawan/ Nageshwarnath Temple/ Treta Ke Thakur/ Dashrath Mahal…….etc.

These are just a few highlights of the sacred city of Ayodhya. A visit to Ayodhya offers not only spiritual enrichment but also a glimpse into the rich cultural and historical heritage of India.

About Us


How can I begin to describe my time with Ayodhya Dham It was simply life-changing! I always imagined that Ayodhya would be a breathtaking destination, but thanks to Ayodhya Dharhan, I was able to not just experience the culture, but have once-in-a-lifetime memories. I got so much more than I ever anticipated from my holiday.

- Rishabh Jaiswal

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A big thank you to Blissful Escapes for making my dream vacation a reality! The itinerary was well-planned, and the accommodations were exquisite. Can't wait to book with them again!

Neha Gupta

Experienced unparalleled hospitality with Eternal Journeys! Their local guides were incredibly knowledgeable, and I got to explore hidden gems I wouldn't have discovered on my own.

Amit Joshi

Absolute bliss with Divine Voyages! I felt completely taken care of from start to finish, and I can't wait to embark on another adventure with them soon.

Rakesh Kumar

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